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SAARP Holiday Club

Our monthly e-newsletter contains details of the holidays available, as set out below.

The newsletter is placed on the website on the morning of the last Monday of the month and gives details of whom you should contact to secure a booking.

Get discounted off-peak holidays at amazing prices that can save thousands.

These offers are advertised in our monthly e-Newsletter. So keep an eye open for its arrival as this popular service is “first come first served”.

Contact Renske at SAARP: 021 592 1279 or renskes@saarp.net

SAARP Family Protection Plan

Funeral insurance at reduced rates through The Best Funeral Society, underwritten by Hollard.

Special offer by Doves Funeral Undertakers

Members get a special discount for services from Doves Undertakers if you use their services. This is given to members who are able to produce their SAARP membership card when requiring these services. There is no cost involved in qualifying for the benefit. It is either R500 or R1000.

Call Anne to verify the membership.

Contact SAARP

SAARP Membership Card with access to MAHALA benefits

Besides the SAARP benefits you are entitled to, this card provides you with discounts and redeemable loyalty points earnings across the nation, you can shop wherever you go

Contact Mahala using any or all of the following:.

Eye Care

Exclusive offer for SAARP members.

SAARP members enjoy an exclusive package cash deal
at any Spec-Savers store nationwide. To qualify, please present your SAARP membership card. Please note this is a cash offer only.

• SAARP members are welcome to upgrade their purchase to a higher priced
frame, lenses or add-ons. The additional cost is to be billed out at the full cash rate.
• In order to qualify, present your SAARP membership card in-store.

Please note this is a cash offer only.


Free Will Service

The Importance of Making a Will (and keeping it up to date)
(People predecease you, babies are born, marriages fail, etc.)

Don’t Delay

Please read this article. Download (PDF)

There are no drafting or holding costs and we offer discounted executor’s fees below the legal maximum normally charged.

Many members have expressed the wish that we focus on establishing a relationship of trust whereby SAARP is nominated as a co-executor of our members’ wills. As a result we have negotiated a special deal for members that enables us to ensure savings on the costs of executing a will. Depending upon the size and complexity of your estate, the discount could vary from 20% to 50% off the maximum legislated fees which normally charged.

Call us and ask for Will Request form to be sent to you by e-mail info@saarp.net, Fax: 021 592 1284 or phone 021 592 1279 and a representative will call you.

ICOD FILE (In Case of Death)

This is a checklist of information and documents which are required after a death. It will assist your heirs to quickly and efficiently access and provide the variety of documents required after a death.

(Does someone have all your computer passwords? You can place them in a sealed envelope with your will.)

Download IOCD file (PDF)

Hearing Aids

  • Free Hearing Screening
  • 20% Discount on a diagnostic hearing test.
  • 10% Discount on a Hearing aid set.
  • 5% Discount on a Hearing aid.
  • Free packet of batteries in the members Birthday month.
  • Receive 1 year’s FREE hearing aid batteries for each referral, that turn into a successful purchase.

For more information contact Kind2Hearing at 0800 200 100 or go to our Website at www.kind2hearing.co.za

Hearing health in the comfort of your own home ! Do a free hearing test here

Experience the convenience of personalized hearing care in the comfort of your own home with Kind2Hearing. Our mission is to make hearing care accessible to all. With our home visit services, we bring our expertise directly to your door, ensuring your hearing health is a top priority.

Our team of skilled professionals will travel to your home, ensuring you receive the same comprehensive and accurate diagnostic hearing tests you would receive in our practice. By conducting these tests in your familiar environment, we can gain valuable insights into your hearing abilities and tailor our recommendations accordingly.

These services include:

  • Full diagnostic hearing test.
  • Hearing aid fittings and adjustments.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of your product.
  • Battery and accessory sales.

Whether you're a new hearing aid user or require ongoing support, our audiologists will ensure that your devices are optimally programmed and functioning correctly to enhance your hearing experience.

To schedule a home visit, contact our Tollfree number 0800 200 100 and our friendly staff will assist you with your appointment. Looking forward to HEAR from you !

The Kind2Hearing team !

Retirement Accomodation

SAARP has provided retirement accommodation information and a wide list of such accommodation is available on the Senior Service website on the  www.seniorservice.co.za

Short Term Insurance

Some of our members have saved up to as much as R10,000 per annum on their SAARP policies.

We are able to offer a choice of Momentum, Auto & General or Santam policies to members.

Note: Santam and Momentum carry no excess payments but Auto & General have the option of an excess or No excess.

Contact Beverley SAARP  021 592 1279 or beverley@saarp.net

Contact Cathy SAARP 021 592 1279 or , cathy@saarp.net

To nominate SAARP as your Insurance broker download and fill in the form below and e-mail it to us at info@saarp.netAppointment of broker Click here


SAARP has a special agreement with Universe Direct which enables us to offer refurbished, branded computers to our members at extremely low prices and also includes genuine licensed software which is normally an extremely expensive item. These items have a 12-month warranty. Contact Ruedi on 021 551 6254 or check the website at www.universedirect.co.za


 The ICOD Form is used:

  • To make sure loved ones have the information needed to see to your wishes with your funeral.
  • To make sure the necessary passwords, account numbers and medical aid detail are available.
  • To make sure your Will can be found
  • To ensure that no family feuds erupt over small matters when you pass on.
  • To ensure you know who to contact and keep informed.
  • To give to the Executor of the estate in order that a complete and new set of detailed information is available.
  • To ensure that your spouse is put through minimum trauma and stress at this time – correct and accurate information is readily available.

Download ICOD file (PDF)


A form to save long involved explanations in event of emergency hospitalization and to provide a full and up to date medical history for medical professionals. If you are unconscious it will assist those treating you in carrying on with your usual medication and ensuring that what they give you does not clash with your current medication. Keep the form in your handbag or wallet.

The ICOS Form is used:

  • To save long involved explanations in event of emergency hospitalization.
  • To provide a full & up to date medical history for medical professionals.
  • To speak for you if you aren’t able to do so for yourself.
  • To mitigate the risk of receiving incorrect medication in an emergency.
  • To ensure you don’t forget medication information, dosages or names.
  • To speed up your receipt of medical treatment in an emergency.
  • To ensure that medical professionals are aware of any allergies you may suffer from.
  • To ensure that appropriate friends and family can be speedily informed.
  • To ensure your personal doctor can be contacted

Download ICOS file (PDF)