South African Associations
of Retired Persons

Adding life to years

SAARP was established in 1982 on the same principle as the American AARP – to provide
affordable insurance for the over fifties. In addition to our other range of services this is still
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  • SAARP In A Nutshell
    SAARP was started in 1982, with the aim of promoting the interests of senior citizens in South Africa. While the organisation has evolved over the years, our aims remain essentially…
We supply the highest quality medicines for the elderly against the virus such as stromectol.
  • Benefits For Our Members
    Short Term Insurance Some of our members have saved up to R10,000 per annum on their SAARP policies. We are able to offer a choice of Santam or Momentum policies…



“Retired” Now what?”

Retirement is a process, not a happening. There are various possibilities – both before and after retiring - that can enhance or harm your situation.

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What you should know

There are a number of factors to take into account, all of which that can have an effect one which type you choose. Not only can your current your needs influence your choice but you should look into the future as far as you can.

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