The Not So Popular Topic Of “Funerals”

The Not So Popular Topic Of “Funerals”

The topic of “Funeral” is not that popular or something we wish to discuss often but is such an integral part of life.  We need to be informed and make the right decisions for our loved ones.  There are a few things to consider.


Did you know that a funeral cost anything between R15 000 for a very basic funeral to R85 000 for more elaborate farewells? 


We believe that the life of a loved one needs to be honoured with special warmth and care. With a passing you will need to make some important decisions and will need assistance for the arrangement of a respectable funeral that honours the wishes of the family or, if available, the documented wishes of the deceased.


  • Have you thought of putting your personal final wishes onto paper?
  • Do you have a plan in place to assist family members?


In the case of death, a funeral service provider will provide you with an undertaker to assist you with the immediate funeral arrangements that need to be taken care of. Traditionally, funeral arrangements are done at the funeral home. however, some of the bigger names will offer the service of doing this in the privacy of your own home, if so preferred.


The Funeral Home will arrange with the doctor to issue a death certificate stating the cause of death. If a person passes away at a hospital, the attending doctor will issue the death certificate. If a person passes away due to unnatural causes, this must be reported to the police. The deceased will be removed by them and will be taken to the state mortuary. A death certificate will only be issued once an autopsy has been performed to determine the cause of death. Once the death certificate has been issued, and the family has done the identification, the deceased can be released to The Funeral Home. 


The representative will guide, advise and assist you in arranging the funeral service you feel is most appropriate. Some of the major decisions you will have to make include:


  • Choice of burial, cremation or graveside service;
  • The day, time and venue for the service;
  • The Minister or Pastor;
  • The organist / music / presentation / slide show;
  • Is a family viewing of the deceased appropriate?
  • How would you like the deceased to be dressed?
  • What sort of coffin or casket?S
  • Who will carry the coffin or casket?
  • Who will prepare a eulogy?
  • What flowers would be most appropriate for the coffin and/or church?
  • Would you like a funeral notice placed in the newspaper? Which newspaper?
  • Donations to a charitable organisation in lieu of flowers;
  • Tea to be served following the service, and if so, where?
  • What special things can be done to personalise the ceremony?
  • If a cremation was conducted, what to do with the ashes following the cremation? and
  • Readily available funds to assist in providing for all of the above.


A funeral policy pays out 24 – 48 hours after all necessary documents have been received and for the immediate benefit of organizing the events.


Other facts to bear in mind:


  • storage of the deceased can be up to 2 weeks before the service is conducted;
  • Embalming is sometimes required/requested by different cultures;
  • Some families want home vigils on a Friday night and then the burial service on the Saturday;
  • Arrange for a tombstone and the erection thereof;
  • Additional equipment for the graveside, which is not applicable to cremations;
  • Catering etc. is a frequent demand; and
  • Long distance repatriation if needed.



Documents to be submitted to the Funeral Home:

  • The identity book of the deceased
  • Notice of death (BI1663) issued by a medical practitioner
  • Death certificate issued by Home Affairs


Please note that all documentation needed for the Claim process will be available on the policy document.

Did you know that with the SAARP Assistance Benefit Plan you can make 100% sure that you will not be leaving loved ones without responsible financial planning in a time of death?


The Assistance Benefit Plan will cover anyone between the ages of 50 – 84 years of age.  From as little as R55pm for R10 000 cover.  Let us phone you and discuss with you your age appropriate benefits and you can make an informed decision.  Want us to call you back?  WhatsApp us on:  0649005976 or email us on 


Furthermore, we have thought to bring a few much-needed value added benefits as an optional choice for your comfort, protection and convenience from R62.00 per month for the Main Member and Principal partner:


In the event of the Main member or Spouse’s death, the following assistance benefits will pay out:

  1. R500 cash payment for 6 months for the benefit of the remaining family.
  2. A Checkers voucher of R750 for groceries.
  3. Airtime to the value of R250.
  4. Electrosure: R750 prepaid Electricity paid over 3 months.
  5. Local Butcher: R3000 voucher paid to a butcher of choice.



Ongoing living benefit:

  1. Medical and Legal advice 24/7 Corporate Social Investment

Let us phone you back and one of our consultants will guide you to see whether you have enough cover in place to provide for your family at the time of your death.


WhatsApp:                                          064 900 5976

E-mail:                                      or

Mahala Call Centre:                             0860 62 42 52

Or SAARP:                                          021 – 592 1279 (Anne Lewis)


Mahala (FSP no: 21961) and SAARP (FSP no: 44177) are authorised Financial Service Providers.

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