SAARP in a nutshell

SAARP was started in 1982, with the aim of promoting the interests of senior citizens in South Africa. While the organisation has evolved over the years, our aims remain essentially the same: SAARP believes that senior citizens are entitled to a secure and rewarding existence in line with the highest moral principles of mankind. We work with vigour to enrich lives, raise self-esteem and influence society to support these ideals.

SAARP negotiates with relevant companies to provide services at a reduced cost to our members. Our main source of income (excluding donations) is the commission which we receive when members use these products. SAARP is constantly on the lookout for new or additional services and products that can be of benefit to our members.

SAARP is a service organisation in terms of the registered Memorandum and Articles of Association. We exist solely for our members and there are no shareholders who can lay claim to assets or profits. Because of this, we are able to plough a large percentage of profits back into benefits for members.

SAARP also lobbies, promotes and intercedes on behalf of its members and senior citizens in general.

SAARP membership is free. The only qualifying requirement is that members are 50 years of age or older.

Membership and discount cards

When you join SAARP, you are automatically issued with a SAARP membership / Mahalas card that provides you with discounts and redeemable loyalty points. This is used all over South Africa, and the world, to obtain age related discounts.

The SAARP B-smart card is an additional card that you can apply for. As the B-smart card is a credit card, there are processes, such as FICA, to go through before a card is issued. With the SAARP B-smart card, you get a 5% annual bonus on all your purchases.

Social and leisure

SAARP has a network of social clubs around the country, where thousands of our members enjoy the camaraderie and outings offered by these clubs. Click here to find a club in your area. If there is no SAARP club in your area, and you think that a club is viable, contact SAARP for more details on starting or initiating a club.

SAARP, on behalf of its members, purchases Holiday Club points which are made available to our members at discount prices. Contact Renske at SAARP on 021 592 1279

We have a special deal with African Sky Hotels for members. A substantial discount is offered to members by this hotel group. Members wishing to make use of this service should phone Renske at SAARP on 021 592-1279 to make arrangements.

SAARP has negotiated with Avis, Holiday Autos and First Care for discounted car hire rates for our members. Check here for details on how to book and get your discounted rate at each company.

Finance, insurance, wills

SAARP offers short term insurance policies through a number of companies to our members. Members have saved up to R10,000 per annum on their SAARP policies. Contact Renske or Beverly at SAARP 021 592 1279 or

SAARP also offers special funeral insurance at reduced rates. Contact us at SAARP 021 592 1279

Members get a special discount for funeral services from Doves Undertakers. This is given to members who are able to produce their SAARP membership card when requiring these services.

SAARP members have access to a free wills and estate planning service through Warwick Private Wealth. For more information on this, click here.

Simple wills can also be done at long distance by fully qualified attorneys. Piet Matthee offers simple and quick solutions for uncomplicated estates. Click here for more information.


A negotiated scheme with Impact Hearing gives members a R750 discount on the purchase of one of four well-known makes of hearing aids.

SAARP has also negotiated with SpecSavers for special discounts. For more information, click here.


SAARP has a special agreement with Universe Direct which enables us to offer refurbished, branded computers to our members at extremely low prices and also includes genuine licensed software which is normally an extremely expensive item. These items have a 12-month warranty.

Communication and information

SAARP produces a bilingual printed magazine, the SAARP Bulletin, twice a year. The Bulletin is only posted to members who choose to receive it, and who make a minimum donation of R30.00 per annum to defray the cost of production and postage. Sign up to receive the Bulletin here.

SAARP produces a free monthly e-newsletter in English and Afrikaans. If we have your e-mail address we will send you a free monthly e-newsletter. You can sign up for the newsletter here.

The SAARP Forum is a member-only forum where you can share and interact with other SAARP members. Here’s how to join.

SAARP is also on Facebook, and we encourage our members to use Facebook to interact with SAARP and with other SAARP members.

That is SAARP in a nutshell. You can find more information on all of these services on the relevant pages of our website.

27 Responses to “SAARP in a nutshell”

  1. Dirk said:

    As my man 55 is en ek nog nie 50, sal ek nie saam met hom kwalifiseer nie?

  2. hiit said:

    Do you have a Facebook fan page for your site?

  3. SAARP said:

    Yes, we do:!/pages/Saarp/361222703887753

  4. Gill King said:

    How can I obtain a pensioners card from you that I can use when requested by stores,restaurants etc that offer discounts to pensioners?

  5. SAARP said:

    In some cases, just your ID is proof of age for age-related discounts. When you join SAARP, you will receive a SAARP Membership/Mahalas card, which provides you with discounts and redeemable loyalty points.

  6. Judy Muller said:

    How do I apply for a card?

  7. SAARP said:

    If you fill in the form to join SAARP you will be sent a membership/Mahalas card.

  8. Neil Dunton said:

    I’m sure many of your members receive a British pension.
    There is a new internet petition to fight the injustice whereby their pension is frozen from the first payment, This means pensioners can receive as little as R625 per month compared with pensioners living in the UK, Europe and USA getting around R8,000 per month.
    Any British citizen can vote by going to Google and entering “End unfair frozen overseas pensions policy”, following it and submitting their name and address. That’s all.
    We need 100,000 names by mid September, for the petition to be read in Parliament and we only have 19,000 so far!

  9. Patricia said:

    Where can I find a membership form in order to get a membership / discount card.
    Must my husband and I both join or is just one enough?

  10. Patricia said:

    Now that I have read all the above comments it would seem your membership form should be more clearly visible on your home page.
    I have completed the form and also one for my husband.

  11. tilly said:

    How can I get a pensioners card?

  12. SAARP said:

    To obtain a card, simply fill in the form to join SAARP
    You will be sent a membership/Mahalas card once you are a member.

  13. Mrs Julia Mehl said:

    I am having a problem emailing you an inquiry relating to travel insurance for Senior Citizens.

    I tried sending it to

    Best wishes

  14. SAARP said:

    Please try sending the e-mail to and I will pass it on to the appropriate person.

  15. Mandy said:

    Are there any retirement villages/establishments that cater for pensioners who only get a state pension and has nowhere else to live?

  16. SAARP said:

    Hello Mandy,

    There are a number of Old Age homes that can be applied for – they are by the nature of things, non profit entities. Usually they are run by church organisations of various denominations and are state subsidised. Various state run homes are also there to address the frightening shortage of
    people unable to take care of themselves financially in their old age. There are usually long waiting lists though I’m afraid. ‘Retirement Villages’ normally refer to organisations that market these facilities to make a profit, and therefore enquiries of this nature can not be accommodated.

    It is so sad, and an almost insoluble problem that is becoming a growing problem throughout the world – too few contributors to the state coffers
    and too many people needing care. Longevity is naturally also a contributing factor. It is for inter alia these reasons that SAARP keeps running after the dreams of developing “new models” like the Retirement Kibbutz.

    I hope this helps answer the query, but unhappily doesn’t contribute much toward solving the problem.

  17. Rosemary said:

    My elderly mother is needing an honest and trustworthy insurance broker to assist her with her Old Mutual annuity policies and outstanding monthly payments as well as finding a missing policy belonging to my late father worth R20 000. My sister and I have both tried to help my mother from a distance as we both live in the UK, but nobody at Old Mutual is willing to take responsibility for issues relating to annuity payments or providing policy details and information. My mother needs a broker who can support and explain everything to her as Old Mutual just are not interested. We have dealt with numerous people and getting nowhere. The issues go back over 15mths and the lost policy over 6 yrs.

  18. SAARP said:

    Hello Rosemary,
    We have sent you a response via e-mail. regards, SAARP

  19. cheryl pyper said:

    Hi, I have heard of your organisation and the help you are giving the elderly. I am in a position where I need to find an old age home that can be subsidised with my pension. Could you be so kind as to forward me a list of the homes that offer that kind of service, I have searched the net, but haven’t come across any.

  20. J J Roelofse said:

    How do I make a donation – preferably by EFT? I have just joined.

  21. E D van Tonder said:

    My wife also qualifies, but do both of us have to submit for membership as I have done to enjoy all your benefits?

  22. E D van Tonder said:

    Please explain how the points system & Holiday Club functions? How do we join & what does it involve ie are fees payable or does one have to buy points?
    How do I advertise something “For Sale” & “Wanted to Buy’?

  23. SAARP said:

    hello ED van Tonder,
    Your wife should also fill in a membership form to enjoy all the benfits.
    As far the Holiday Club goes, SAARP has purchased Holiday Club points for its members. All you need to do is look out for advertised accommodation available on the website or in the newsletter, or contact Renske at SAARP directly and let her know what you are looking for. There is more information here:

  24. SAARP said:

    JJ Roelofse, we will reply via e-mail.

  25. Melanie Malik said:

    Wish to obtain card.

  26. SAARP said:

    Hello Melanie. You need to join SAARP using the ‘Join SAARP’ button at the top of the web page.

  27. Colleen said:

    Can I use the saarp card at pick n pay , spar etc when I buy groceries etc


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