Launch of the ALCATEL ONE TOUCH 2000


The ALCATEL ONE TOUCH 2000 has arrived! Launched in Capetown on Friday the 21 February, this nifty device is a feature phone optimized and designed for senior people. The phone is designed to be easy to use and effortless to handle thanks to its large keyboard that are comfortable to feel, has a large screen and a simple User Interface.

Menus and functions have been carefully chosen, so that only the essential ones are kept. The result is a very simple to use and intuitive phone. It also has dedicated keys for FM Radio, Lock, SOS and Torch. In addition, FM radio delivers entertainment to the user while the charging cradle brings extra comfort enabling their mobile phone to be like a fixed phone that is always charged.  Continue reading

Do you know enough about your medication?


Mary Poppins tunefully suggested that “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down…” but unfortunately the cure can sometimes be worse than the disease itself.  It is estimated that […]

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The paradox of our time in history


As an inspirational start to 2014, below is an essay written by Dr Robert Moorehead, a former pastor of Seattle’s Overlake Christian Church. The essay appears in ‘Words Aptly Spoken,’ […]

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Spend Wisely campaign


The government is currently running a Spend Wisely campaign and have asked for information to be distributed widely. Do you have any ‘spend wisely’ tips particularly for senior citizens? Let […]

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SAARP technology survey


SAARP is conducting a survey on the use of technology amongst its members. Please take just a couple of minutes to let us know about your technology ownership and usage. […]

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Intestate Succession


INTRODUCTION Whenever a deceased person leaves assets which has not been disposed of by a valid will, it must be distributed, if the estate is solvent, according to the relevant […]

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SAARP library of important documents


Download IOCD documents and more here.
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