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There are very few stages in life that are not affected or impacted by money.

To further expound on this statement, let’s do a quick review:


Dad, Mom or someone else “picked up the tab” for you during the listed stages below…

and it cost them MONEY!... plenty of it!

  • Your birth
  • Toddler and pre-school stage
  • Primary School and High School
  • University or College


During the next phases, you swapped roles with Dad and Mom, and YOU had to “pick up the tab” … and it cost MONEY!

  • Transport, clothing, accommodation
  • Repaying student loans
  • First home
  • Starting a career or your own business
  • Marriage, raising a family, vacations
  • Supporting dependent and/or elderly family members
  • Unexpected life events like divorce or illness
  • Bucket-list travel
  • Approaching retirement years, scaling down… or up?
  • Having a valid Will and Estate planning
  • Your legacy.


Finance is a subject we often shy away from and are reluctant to talk about.  While we may be happy to quote a clever “comment” or “line” we heard from someone “in the know” to appear to be knowledgeable (at a braai or social), the reality is that most people lack the confidence and have limited or inadequate knowledge on the topic of financial products and services.


For example, if you buy a vacuum cleaner and it does not work properly, the solution is simple:  you take it back and get another one in a short space of time. However, when you buy a financial product or service you are buying an intangible benefit which often takes a long time to yield results. By the time you discover that there is a problem, or that it is the wrong product for you, then most corrective measures may have limited impact.


Vacuum Cleaner  Physical (can see/feel)  Now Now


Financial Product    Intangible (batting in the dark)      Ongoing        At a future date


So, what is the “root of the problem”?

It all points back to our education system. Yes, we were taught to read and write, master math, do science experiments, and learn about what happened 200 years ago, but teaching children to become financially savvy was NOT part of the curriculum. Teaching the skills on how to budget, handle money, and everything in between did not happen! This is one of the reasons why only a very small percentage of people can retire and be financially independent.


Fortunately, a lot more information is available today to educate and bridge that gap – like this series.


In this new digital age that we find ourselves in today, we are bombarded with information from all sides, the internet, social media and many other platforms which are the major contributors of what we are exposed to, daily. The difficulty one has in this “overloaded information world”, is firstly to find what you are looking for and secondly, to determine whether that information is accurate and if it applies to your situation, or not.


The plan is not to “re-invent the wheel” but to put together a body of information over time in ONE LOCATION on this website for the members to access.


The purpose of this be financially savvy article series, is to demystify the financial concepts and topics that impact our everyday lives by providing important and useful factual information for education purposes.


The aim is to empower you to operate from a position of strength by acquiring knowledge and a deeper understanding to confidently deal with these matters independently, versus being totally dependent on the guidance of others. It is never too late to make adjustments to improve your financial plan to give you a better outcome.  Taking good pro-active steps should inevitably result in better outcomes, than if you did nothing at all!


We plan to address many financial topics relevant to the various stages of life mentioned earlier.  For example, we will cover useful tips around budgeting so that you can “stretch your money…to fit your month” and a whole lot more!


Please engage with us by emailing any question or topic that you would like more information on to We will do our best to respond, and your question may even be featured in a future article as many other folks may also be asking the exact same question!


Let’s commence this journey and click here. To get to this first article.

The article is entitled: “Is your grain stored in a chest …or in silos?”

We discuss some methods and strategies to organise your finances effectively.


A preview of the next few article titles to feature in the coming months. are:

  • Does it make sense to invest in a retirement annuity despite retiring already?
  • Why fees are a critical component in investing considerations.


For any enquires and information please contact:

Desmond Hudson



All the articles published on this website which form part of this series, “Be Financially Savvy” are provided for general information purposes only. Whilst care has been taken to ensure accuracy, the content provided is not intended to be financial advice. Each person’s situation and circumstances are unique and different, therefore always consult a suitably qualified financial advisor or professional on any specific problem or matter.