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The role of service providers, including Short Term Insurance, from an income point of view versus our Vision and Mission.

SAARP is built on the basis of servicing the needs of the Senior citizen in South Africa. To shrink the vision of servicing these needs to a brute insurance marketing operation, because this is the current primary source of income, somehow reduces the broad and noble ideals of the vision to a balance sheet, survival-mode, and mission-focussed operation.

Without detracting from the necessity of being acutely aware of the financial realities and the implications of adequate cash flow, the strategy SAARP needs to develop and follow includes Short Term insurance as a very important component , but also other products servicing the broad and varied needs of the senior community should ensure a balance between income and the research and development of specialised knowledge required to enable the organisation to fulfil the total broad spectrum role of its vision.

Remaining on top of the diverse and changing needs of the senior citizens, requires dedication and specialisation by staff members. It also calls for a smattering if idealism because SAARP isn’t an organisation that prides itself on ensuring that staff members are paid top rates for the jobs they are doing. In fact SAARP has been brutally frank with all employees in the sense that they have all had this organisational reality communicated to them. In short – this organisation is driven by vision rather than by profit.

Normally recognised and acknowledged standards of planning and measurement of achievement are not the applicable management default. Being driven by ideals means the standards are different, without negating the realities of the bottom line which ensures our survival. We do not have any shareholders to satisfy and if we were for instance, to unexpectantly become beneficiaries of the Bill Gates Foundation, our challenge would be to decide upon the ways in which we could spend the money to greatest effect enhancing the lives of as many of our members as possible.

We therefore say to our members:

  • If we enquire regarding your insurance, it is because we want to do more for you.
  • If we enquire about your Will, your computer literacy or any other aspect of your needs, it is because we would like to be instrumental in ensuring that whilst keeping within your budget you are living with dignity. In this way we hope to improve on the service we already offer.
  • We are not being intrusive – we care about you.

by Paul Rosenbrock

May 2011