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In Case Of Death and In Case Of Sickness

The ICOD Form is used:

  • To make sure loved ones have the information needed to see to your wishes with your funeral.
  • To make sure the necessary passwords, account numbers and medical aid detail is available.
  • To make sure your Will can be found
  • To ensure that no family feuds erupt over small matters when you pass on.
  • To ensure you know who to contact and keep informed.
  • To give to the Executor of the estate in order that a complete and new set of detailed information is available.
  • To ensure that your spouse is put through minimum trauma and stress at this time – correct and accurate information is readily available.

Download IOCD file (PDF)
Download IOCD file (Microsoft Word)

The ICOS Form is used:

  • To save long involved explanations in event of emergency hospitalisation.
  • To provide a full & up to date medical history for medical professionals.
  • To speak for you if you aren’t able to do so for yourself.
  • To mitigate the risk of receiving incorrect medication in an emergency.
  • To ensure you don’t forget medication information, dosages or names.
  • To speed up your receipt of medical treatment in an emergency.
  • To ensure that medical professionals are aware of any allergies you may suffer from.
  • To ensure that appropriate friends and family can be speedily informed.
  • To ensure your personal doctor can be contacted.

Download ICOS file (PDF)
Download ICOS file (Microsoft Word)