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How SAARP works

SAARP’s mission is to do its utmost to assist senior citizens without trying to accumulate profits to the benefit of any individual.

SAARP negotiates with various appropriate companies in order to provide very competitive prices and excellent services and value for money, at greatly reduced costs to members. Our main source of income (excluding donations) is the commission which we receive when members use our products. This situation is crucial for SAARP’s survival, and is in fact a symbiotic one. We need members to support us in order to survive, and in return we offer members excellent services at reduced costs.

SAARP charges no membership fee and the only qualifying requirement is that members are of retirement age – 50 years of age. We are registered with the FSB (No. 4234) and have staff members who are fully qualified to advise members on their short term insurance needs.

Because SAARP does not try to accumulate profits to the benefit of any individual, we are able to plough a large percentage of “profits” back into benefits for members.

Benefits for our members

SAARP has negotiated special deals for its members, and we also wish to make members keenly aware of certain discounts which are generally available to pensioners. On retirement people inevitably find that, over time, the value of their income diminishes in terms of purchasing power. This is not just true of a particular time period in the economy (although phenomena like recessions do have an undeniable influence), but in these retirement times of financial gymnastics, stretching the Rand is a necessary exercise.

Our directors have also been particularly active in being founder members of SAHERPA (South African Home Equity Release Protection Association). This is a “watchdog” organisation created especially to set high ethical standards and to ensure contractual protection for people making use of this instrument.

From as far back as 1982 SAARP has undertaken to position itself as a champion of the senior citizen in South Africa. Gradually we are building ourselves toward becoming an indispensable tool to assist retirees in maintaining a lifestyle of dignity.

The retiree’s “Survival with Dignity Arsenal” is not just about how you spend your money. It also encompasses areas like social activities. SAARP has a keen interest in ensuring that the endorsements, facilities and products available to our members form a comprehensive menu of benefits that go toward making up a complete, satisfying and achievable choice of lifestyle.

We have looked at a retiree’s life in the form of the main pillars upon which dignified living depends, and we believe that by using these as a guideline, we are able to develop meaningful strategies which enable us to enhance the lives of our members.


SAARP (South African Association of Retired Persons) was originally established in 1982. In 1996 the Registrar approved the restructured Articles of Association for SAARP to be incorporated as a company under Section 21 of the Companies Act (Non-profit). The Registration number is 95/09042/08.

The prerequisites for the Registration of Companies qualifying for non-profit status were changed in the recent past by the Taxation Laws Amendment Act No. 30 of 2000. This necessitated SAARP having to register as a company which is now liable for tax payments, or to  comply with provisions that required us to act outside a pure member focus, however, the aims and objects of the company have not changed materially.

We are, in essence, a service organisation in terms of the registered Memorandum and Articles of Association and we exist solely for our members. There are no shareholders who can lay claim to assets or profits.

Our Social Clubs operate under the umbrella of a specially registered non-profit company (SAARP Social Services Reg. No: 2006/003084/08) which functions under a dedicated General Manager, Ray Hattingh, who is also a director of SAARP.