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Grinding or Gliding to a halt?

A summary of important issues to assist you when making your retirement decisions.

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Don’t let the jargon get you!

ICOD & ICOS A simple explanation These acronyms stand for (I)n (C)ase (O)f (D)eath and (I)n (C)ase (O)f (S)ickness, and point us to important information that will greatly assist with understanding, preparing for and anticipating a myriad of potential scenarios,... read more

The down-side financial reality faced by Pensioners

Times change is a well-worn cliché that is very often becomes tragically real all of a sudden to people that have reached the depths of having finally having to face the fact that their dignity is impaired by financial realities outside of their control. Fact of the... read more


As we age, our health becomes an extremely important factor in the way in which we can enjoy our retirement years.


Finance and insurance form the backbone of a retiree’s ability to retire and live in dignity.


The growth in the use of technology has exploded in recent years and retirees need to keep pace with basic technology.


Leisure is an important aspect of our post-employment years.

SAARP Mission

SAARP believes that senior citizens are entitled to a secure and rewarding existence in line with the highest moral principles of mankind. We work with vigour to enrich lives, raise self-esteem and influence society to support these ideals.