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About Technology


SAARP has a special agreement with Universe Direct which enables us to offer refurbished, branded computers to our members at extremely low prices and also includes genuine licensed software which is normally an extremely expensive item. These items have a 12-month warranty.

Universe Direct contact details:

Telephone – Call Centre:
0861 102149
Telephone – office: 021-510 3414
Fax: 021-510 1385

Or go to the website (http://www.universedirect.co.za): Universe Direct

Free software

There is free software available on the internet for several purposes. Here are some programmes that you might find useful:


AVAST is a “free for personal use” anti-virus programme which regularly updates itself and is provided by ALWIL software. Find it at AVAST
Size is ± 18.8MB


SKYPE is a voice-over-internet-protocal (VOIP) programme which enables you to talk to others anywhere in the world, on your computer, without paying telephone bills. You, and the people you are speaking to, need Skype on your computer.
The size of SKYPE is around 22MB. It is available at Skype


SPYBOT detects malware programmes trying to settle in your computer, and will destroy them for you if you scan for them. The size is ± 15.6MB. It can be downloaded at Spybot


PICASA is a photo management and manipulation programme which is free from Google and downloadable from the Picasa website.

Downloading software from the internet

There is an enormous amount of free software on the internet that you can simply download. But beware: bear in mind that some of these programmes are quite large and will make a sizeable dent in your broadband capping limit. Also, not all download sites or programmes are trustworthy, and you should be careful not to download just anything offered. You should also make sure your anti-virus programme is up to date. If you do not have one already, this is the first thing you should download.