Transnet Pensioners Action Group

For many years SAARP has been pursuing Transnet to try and obtain financial relief for the embattled Transnet pensioners who are in dire financial straits. The only success that we have received to date is to obtain pensioner representation on both the pension fund and the medical scheme.

This however has not achieved our objective as the appointed trustees can only provide benefits in line with the financial abilities of those funds and Transnet is unwilling to give financial relief to improve the position. This despite the fact that the present subsidisation levels were decided over 10 years ago with no inflation adjustments since.

The matter has been pursued at the highest level in Parliament, who were very supportive, however Transnet refused to comply with the payments as recommended by Parliament.

The matter is now being pursued in the courts by a group of Transnet pensioners. This group has lodged their case with the courts but now urgently require an indication of pensioner support for their actions.

They need all Transnet Pensioners to confirm their support for this action by sending an SMS to 45509 indicating their pension number, surname and e-mail address.

The format of the SMS must be: Transnet (space) Pension number (space) surname (space) e-mail address.

SMS’s cost R1.50.

By supporting this you will all be helping yourselves!

We urge members to do this as soon as possible.

We will keep you informed.

17 Responses to “Transnet Pensioners Action Group”

  1. louis prins said:

    I fully support the cause and would like to stay up to date

  2. Allan Bouwer said:

    The Transnet Fund also invested heavily into Progressive Asset Managers and one of their directors (Mabiyana) was the Principal Officer of the Transnet Fund. This constitutes a massive lack of due diligence and hopefully the trustees are being sued for this too.
    My mother is a 95 year old pension on the fund and her pension is tiny with only 2% increases being received annually partially due to this total lack of fund management. What is being done about this matter?

  3. P.J.Roodt said:

    MY DAD IS 68 HIS PENSION IS UNDER R1000 pm after 17 y on pension he and my mother suffer I think Transnet is not good for all the pensioners

  4. Norma said:

    Please can you give us an update if any on the Transnet pension scheme and if there is any light at the end of this dark tunnel. Medical aid rates are up every year and pension is now becoming insufficient to keep up with this. Will have to consider cancelling medical aid. Is there any altenative?

    Many thanks

  5. L.G. Mphahlile said:

    My Dad was working for Transnet paased on in 1993 & my mum died also can we get some as beneficiary?

  6. Marthinus said:

    If we received a fair live-able pension, my wife and myself would not have left SA. We had to sell all we had and excepted an offer from our child who offered us a lifeline, to be looked after by them in Australia. We just could not keep it up and had to except their offer. I never thought our last few years would end this way.
    Everything seemed to go backwards.
    Transnet…Fix up your mess….Pay up.
    We want to come back. We want our house back.!!!

  7. Barend Phillipus Prinsloo said:

    The pension problem started 24 years ago when the previous goverment didnot pay 17 billion rands into the Transnet Pension Fund. Therefore no pensioner received the pension he earned to receive when he or she retired and then also the only 2 % inflation increase. These two problems should be adressed in court.

  8. cathy smith said:

    we realy need an increase my house is falling apart no money for maintenance and no one wants to buy him its not in good condition anymore what do these fatcats think i must do maybe they must give us hophouses were we can live for free i dont have any children please help us urgent

  9. pieter said:

    If you as a trustee fought for us things would be different. Stop this 2% and bonus witchstories. People need help and you pump then full of nonsense. The trustees are only concerned about their own pockets. Why does the low paid pensioners receive all these huge bonusses. Because you guys shit yourself and want to make sure they vote for you. Poor idiots. Wake up and sort out our fund and pay me what you owe me, and increase my pension to what it should be. Are you trustees human or monster from hell. Shame on you! The wheel will turn.

  10. pieter said:

    So why don’t you publish my comment? Do you perhaps have blood on your hands?

  11. SAARP said:

    Your comment has been published.

  12. cathy smith said:

    Well i am thinking of suicide that is the only solution for me with no family no children can”t afford a place in a old age home where do i have to go i dare Transnet to tell me where to live. Every year we get 2% increase but then the medical aid which is actual only a medicine plan goes up and then rates & taxes plus water & electricity increase 8 to 9% sorry we cant go on like this.

  13. Naas said:

    The pensioners must not loose hope now. The legal team is ready for this court case.They are the best on offer. Pensioners do not have to concern themselves as to the cost as these GENTLEMEN will do this all on risk to themselves. TPAG will finance the expert witnesses as required as and when by the legal team. Personally I think that Transnet did not see this coming and must be fairly worried. The pensioners must just vote for new Trustees who are not scared or in Trannet’s pocket.

  14. cathy smith said:

    Hi Naas it seems to me that the problem is not the trustees that we choose but the trustees that works for Transnet, i can remember when they chop and change our medical aid years ago that some bright spark wish i can remember his name said on air SABC news that we the white pensioners can go and see state doktors in state hospitals why because most of us are white they just dont give a s@#$t about us.

  15. charlotte ntsako chauke said:

    my dad pass on 2009 he was the part of this I don’t now if we can get the fund

  16. cathy smith said:

    Charlotte sorry for the lost of your dad but even if we win the lawsuit all that money will have to stay in the fund so that the pensioners can received a decent increase every year, i have lost my husband in 2008 after working for the Railways for 43 years but when he got sick he had to die like a number in a state hospital in a TB ward because they didnt have a bed for him in another ward, and for that i will never never never forgive Transnet for that.

  17. marie stewart said:

    My father died in 1962 and 2% was the limmet and is stil the same it is a shame thebig boys who sit in the office got richer and the worker who make them rich is only a number and they don’t care about that numbers but I am glad its not me who must stand before GOD The word sais it is easy for a cammol to get to heaven as for n richman may they burn in hell

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