Don’t let the jargon get you!

ICOD & ICOS A simple explanation These acronyms stand for (I)n (C)ase (O)f (D)eath and (I)n (C)ase (O)f (S)ickness, and point us to important information that will greatly assist with understanding, preparing […]

SAARP Membership

1. How to become a member Membership to SAARP is free. There are a number of ways to join: By completing an application form which is available in every copy […]

SAARP in a nutshell

SAARP was started in 1982, with the aim of promoting the interests of senior citizens in South Africa. While the organisation has evolved over the years, our aims remain essentially […]

Adding life to your years – SAARP’s Social Clubs

There is a worldwide trend to make older persons aware that they can change the way they age and enjoy a rewarding and productive life – it’s called Active Aging. […]

Restructuring SAARP in your interest

We believe we owe it to our members to keep them up to date with our activities. In December 2010 we had a facilitated planning session with a view toward […]